Something about Prairies and Petals intricate construction, unashamed opulence and sheer romance ignites in us an unparalleled allure. The arrangements featured here give full reign to those fantasies, they are simple classical creations. These are arrangements to nurture the imagine and salve the soul. 

Miniature Collection


Miniature Arrangements are perfect for bridesmaids gifts, bridal packages, wedding favours, gender reveals or just because! There's nothing more thoughtful than reminding someone how much they mean to you by gifting a single rose Miniature.


Diora Collection


Our Diora Arrangement features 4 roses that last one year. Inspired by our Signature Arrangements, it is elegantly crafted in a classic white or black Parisian box. It captures a spirit of luxury and modernism.


Round Collection


Featuring a trendy round shape, this 12 rose arrangement style conveys a statement. This versatile piece can be styled in two unique ways to capture a loving eye.

Large Round Collection


This 36-42 rose Arrangement is energized by a playful touch of serenity. This arrangement is practical yet elegant. 

 Select from custom numbers, letters, hearts, and many other patterns available with this collection.


Square Collection


Bearing the Prairies and Petals Signature, this 16 rose Eternity completes the collection. This arrangement includes patterns from solid, rows, & checked designs. Choose from our four Parisian inspired boxes and ten rose colours.


Large Square Collection


Our ultra-desirable Large Square Collection has 49 roses, which showcases a wide variety of options. Select from custom numbers, letters, hearts, and many other patterns available with this 


Clara Collection


The Clara Collection is a lovely combination of beauty and function. Clara Collections are available in 9 or 15 roses that last one year. This beauty also contains a storage drawer for your cosmetics and jewelry.   


Nazar Collection (Evil Eye)


Shop from our Nazar Rose Collection from various sizes. The Nazar arrangement symbolizes a form of protection from negativity and harm. 




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