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Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Author: Dress to the Nineties

Hey everyone!! Today we have an exciting review for you guys! We’re so happy to share this incredible company with everyone and how amazing these flowers are. They are literally more beautiful in person than in photos, not to mention they smell amazing. Below is a detailed review on our experience and tons of photos!

Backstory Okay so here’s the backstory on how we came across this company and the roses. Years back we saw these boxed eternity roses all over Instagram and Pinterest – and naturally wanted them ever since. We tried looking for a local company in the Toronto area and could not find a reputable company anywhere! We literally looked everywhere… to the point where we were going to just DIY it with fake roses lol (we know, we’re a tad extra…and impatient). So fast forward to middle of April (this year), we saw a sponsored post on Instagram (who knew those sponsored posts would ever be beneficial lol). It was for a contest for you and your bestie to win your very own suede arrangements from a company named Prairies and Petals for their official social media launch. Do you guys remember that old show about crazy coupon-ers?!…. Well that’s us but just with contests lol. We literally enter so many contests and actually win a lot of the time!!! We totally freaked out when we found this company and contest and entered immediately (duh). After seeing this, we knew it was meant to be lol. We told our families about how excited we were to even find this company in the first place and just wanted to win so badly. It’s something we’ve always wanted and thought, this is our chance! We looked at their Instagram page and just fell in love with all their arrangements- all the colours and displays are so beautiful. When the contest deadline was over, we checked and checked to see who won. We checked about a thousand times lol! But later on that night we got the notification that we won their contest and literally screamed of excitement!!! Since then we’ve noticed some of our friends and family followed the account upon us winning and we thought it was only fitting to share a review with everyone on how incredible of an experience it was to work with this company and the quality of their products. Hopefully you all look into this company, follow them on insta and place an order asap, you won’t be disappointed!

About the Company This company was founded only in 2017, its one of Toronto’s newest but fast-growing luxury arrangement boutiques. They offer REAL roses that last for one year (how awesome is that?!) Their attention to detail and quality of their products is unmatched by their competitors, trust us, we’ve done our research. We were lucky enough to win our arrangements, however if we did not we would have supported this company either way. Their website is filled with tons of information – they literally answer any questions you may have about the arrangements, product care, shipping, frequently asked questions and more! They truly treat every customer so well, and value your business. They even provide customized orders, with colours, shapes, sizes, letters and more, to meet the satisfaction of their customers. They pay attention to every detail, from the personalized notes, packing, and handling of the arrangements. They even took the time to hand pick arrangements that best suited the both of us. And they were spot on with them, prior to us even seeing our personalized attached cards, we each called dibs on the arrangements we wanted…. which happened to be the chosen arrangements for us (it was pretty freaky) and made life super easy lol. Overall this company was a pleasure to work with and these arrangements are the first of many for us!

Our Experience/Shipping/Company Professionalism So first off, let us start by saying that Prairies and Petals is one of the most professional companies we’ve ever dealt with (and the sweetest)! Throughout the duration of the contest, them getting in touch with us afterwards, the whole process up until we received our arrangements AND even after that, they get an A++ in our books! To give you all a little rundown of our experience, they first notified us that we won the contest by posting an insta story announcing us as the winners (tagging our profiles). Then, they messaged both of us individually congratulating us and informing us of when they would be shipping our arrangements and where to send our information to them. Also, because the contest was close to Mother’s Day, they followed up with each of us individually again to give us an update on the status of our arrangements, letting us know that we would be expecting them relatively soon. Then, literally 4 days later, we both received our stunning arrangements!!! They messaged us shortly after they were delivered letting us know that they had confirmation that the roses had arrived. Okay so you know how sometimes when you’re expecting a package, they’ll literally leave it at your front door OR take it back to a warehouse and it becomes this annoying mess?! Well,  it’s part of their policy that upon delivery, an adult must sign for them which is super reassuring because you’re always guaranteed to get them in the proper condition with no fuss! As for how the arrangements came yo us, they arrived in literally perfect condition and in the most beautiful packaging possible (with personalized cards for each of us)!!! Literally, throughout this whole process, they couldn’t have been more professional, sweet, and helpful than they were! They made sure to always keep in contact with us and let us know about the status of the prizes and were always so kind in the process. Truly exceptional customer service and care and we would recommend them just based on this experience alone!

Flowers/Prices So, as mentioned earlier, we won a contest for besties that included 2 arrangements from their Eternity Collection (so we didn’t pay for these). Being contest winners, we anxiously awaited the arrival of our arrangements as we didn’t know the size, colour, or any details (they were a surprise) since Prairies and Petals picked for us! They sent us two beautiful arrangements with over a dozen roses each, both with 2 different coloured roses in each. Literally, the minute the arrangements arrived, we were both instantly obsessed!!! The actual roses themselves are SO beautiful!!! The colours are so pure and vibrant and just pop! They also smell incredible, and are just so fragrant in general! Again, as mentioned earlier, these roses last for a year with no care because of they way they have been treated, which means that they are SO worth the price! To get into specifics, our arrangements are the small square eternity which includes 16 roses (they also are available in a round box as well).  Arrangements of this size are $199, however they do have a larger size (again both available in round or square boxes) that are $339.  Alternatively, they have a miniature eternity collection that is one single rose, priced at $39.  Also, you can customize your colours, designs, etc. to really tailor the flowers specifically. Honestly, we can’t rave about the quality, colour, options, prices, and experience enough!! No purchase from here would be a bad one and we encourage everyone to check them out!

We just want to say thank you again to Prairies and Petals for these stunning arrangements and the wonderful experience we had with them!!! To shop their arrangements or visit their site, click here.

Scroll down for photos of the arrangements (like seriously…. these roses are beautiful)!!!

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